Award for International Sales

This Award is open to any business that sells its products or services outside the Channel Islands.

Entrants to this Award will be organisations whose commitment to developing international sales has had a positive commercial impact on the business. Submissions will demonstrate how a comprehensive market development strategy has identified and developed international opportunities resulting in positive financial returns to the business. Entries will explain the impact of international sales, positive and/or negative, on the Jersey based business and how these have been handled. Submissions must also describe the future growth aspirations of the company in the international arena and the next steps to be taken in achieving them. Entries should illustrate:

  • A clear strategy for developing international sales
  • Financial and volume growth in new markets
  • Innovation in the exporting process
  • New approaches to reaching and satisfying international customers
  • Integration of international sales with domestic business
  • Future vision for international sales within the overall business

Award Sponsor

Jersey Post

Jersey Post