Economic Development Department

Sponsor of Large Enterprise of the Year Award

Working closely with a range of strategic partners across all sectors of Jersey’s business community, the Economic Development Department (EDD) helps to support new and established businesses, attracts new inward investors, develops export trade links, enforces consumer protection laws and makes available comprehensive consumer and business advisory services.

EDD leads States efforts in achieving one of the four Priorities in the (Draft) States Strategic Plan - ”maximising economic growth” - through the creation of a strong and stable economy, by focussing government intervention on increasing productivity across all sectors, through securing inward investment and supporting innovation and skills development. 

The Department also has a range of regulatory functions across different sectors of the economy including retail, intellectual property, gambling, shipping, tourism, agriculture and broadcasting.

The Department is delighted to be sponsoring the Large Enterprise of the Year Award which recognises the challenge of delivering sustained business success in difficult economic times, against the backdrop of an increasingly competitive global environment.

The Award recognises the efforts of some of Jersey’s largest and most successful companies, to compete locally and internationally, and seeks to encourage companies in other categories to set out on a strong growth strategy that will help create opportunities and employment for local people.

Economic Development Department